Taryn Steinberger and Niels Schaefer, the LOEV founders

Our story

We are LOEV

Launched in 2022, LOEV is Switzerland’s first and foremost sustainable lab grown diamond jewelry brand, creating fine jewelry for people who equally value design, quality and sustainability. Inspired by the glamour of vintage jewels and admiration for bolder silhouettes, LOEV’s house style explores past and present and enjoys challenging notions of femininity and masculinity in their unisex collections – a nod to modern icons of empowerment.

LOEV seeks to fuse innovation and technology with unbound creative freedom into beautiful contemporary design with an unmistakable character, allowing you to find your own codes of self-expression.

LOEV is meticulous in selecting partners, using only ethically sourced materials and lab-grown diamonds preferably created from renewable energy.

Mind over Mined.

«Staying true to your values
is the ultimate luxury.»

Niels Schaefer & Taryn Steinberger

Man made diamonds – the only difference is their origin

Lab grown diamonds

A better diamond

Diamonds have always been coveted for their sparkle and fire. Lab grown diamonds have exactly the same allure – in fact, they have the same structure and composition as their mined equivalents. Yet they offer so much more: complete peace of mind about their ethical origin and drastically reduced environmental impact.

At LOEV, we believe that lab grown diamonds are a huge step towards achieving sustainable jewelry, especially when they are produced with renewable energy. Antiquated notions of rarity have no place in a modern society that is working hard to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. Even more so when the resulting material is not only essentially the same, but truly identical.

All lab grown diamonds used are of D-G colour, VVS1-VS2 clarity and certified from 0.5ct.

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Sustainable fine jewelry – designed in Switzerland

Our manufacturing

The journey to carbon neutral

LOEV jewelry is handcrafted in 14Kt or 18Kt recycled gold under the highest standards of craftsmanship, following social and environmental responsibilities.

Our diamond suppliers predominantly use renewable energy for their diamond production and are currently working to achieve carbon neutral certification. Our goal is to offer fully carbon neutral certified jewelry.

«Staying true to your values is the ultimate luxury.»

Niels Schaefer & Taryn Steinberger, LOEV founders