The LOEV Toi et Moi Collection

LOEV’s signature collection, the Toi et Moi, is all about human connection – the relationships we form with each other as well as the bond we share with our planet. Each bangle and ring represents two elements coming together and connecting, signifying those important moments when everything just clicks into place. Marking a memory, an important moment or milestone.

Connect two rings to create the perfect LOEV match. Play with the contrast of enamel colour with polished gold or diamond checkerboard pattern.

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The LOEV Eternity Collection

LOEV`s Eternity collection is inspired by the classic design of a continuous band of diamonds, signifying eternal love and the circle of life. At LOEV we give this iconic design a contemporary twist through bold enamel colour and engraved gold texture. Creating modern icons which represent and encourage new codes of self expression and self-love.

This unisex collection is designed to be stacked, combining various widths and contrasts of engraved gold and enamel color to express your style. Find your perfect LOEV combination.

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