The future of diamonds

Grown in the heart of Switzerland using local, renewable energy

LOEV, Switzerland’s pioneering sustainable diamond jewelry brand, in collaboration with Ammil GmbH, proudly present the world‘s first-ever Swiss Made Diamond collection. With diamonds grown entirely in the heart of scenic Switzerland, surrounded by its famous mountains and using local, renewable energy, the collection sets a new benchmark in transparency for the jewelry industry.

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A benchmark in transparency

Revolutionizing the diamond industry

For the first time ever, we bring the entire diamond manufacturing process to Switzerland. Together, LOEV and Ammil set out to create a diamond collection that leaves no question marks in its supply chain and is fully committed to ethical and sustainable production.

The newly created Ammil diamond production facility in Muotathal, in the canton of Schwyz, operates on 90% hydroelectric power from the local Muota river, supplemented by solar and biomass energy. All raw materials, such as methane and hydrogen, are sourced from neighboring Germany.

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«Staying true to your values
is the ultimate luxury.»

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From the diamond‘s origin to a piece fine jewelry

Why Switzerland

LOEV and Ammil combine Swiss pioneering spirit with the local luxury industry. With Switzerland’s exceptional expertise in luxury and craftsmanship, it was a natural choice to bring the diamond-growing process home. The diamond industry is notorious for its lack of transparency in both origin and production – a challenge addressed by the Swiss Made Diamond collection.

LOEV provides not only complete transparency and peace of mind with ethical production but also offers a unique and personalized customer experience: bespoke clients will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive factory visits, embarking on a refined and personal journey from the diamond‘s origin to a piece of exquisite fine jewelry.

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The Swiss Made Diamond collection

The first Swiss Made Diamonds are launched in a limited collection of six contemporary designs. Representing the future of diamonds, the collection bridges past and present, with each ring embodying LOEV’s bold, modern aesthetic while paying homage to the timeless elegance of vintage jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds offer exceptional flexibility and precise control over their shape and color – enabling us to design first and then grow diamonds that meet the exact specifications, resulting in truly unique and extraordinary pieces of fine jewelry. The Swiss Made Diamond collection is exclusively available for pre-order, with an expected delivery time of approximately 16 weeks. All of LOEV’s diamonds are certified starting from 0.5 carats.

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